Aviation English Course

Aviation English Course


Entry Requirements:

A minimum English language level of Pre-Intermediate is required for this course (CEFR A1/B2, ICAO level 2).

Course Objectives:

To provide entrants with the necessary English language skills to operate safely and effectively in an aviation environment, and to reach the level of proficiency specified in the ICAO level 4 profile. Aviation professionals are required to reach and maintain an ICAO level 4 in order to remain operational.

Course content: 

Although the course covers a range of topics associated with the aviation industry in general, it is of particular relevance for pilots and air-traffic controllers. It concentrates on the use of plain English in non-routine and emergency situations, but also supports the standard phraseology necessary to bring authenticity to each situation.

The following non-routine/emergency situations are covered:

Runway Incursion, Bird Strike, On-board Fire, Depressurization, Extreme Weather, Medical Emergency, Technical Failure, Unlawful Interference.

Where appropriate, those situations are studied in the context of the following flight phases:

Pre-flight, Departure, Climbing & Cruising, En-route, Contact & Approach, Landing.

The content focuses on the six areas of language skill specified by ICAO. These are:

Structure, Comprehension, Fluency, Interaction, Pronunciation, Vocabulary.

Below are more details about the course content for each of these areas of language:


Past, Present & Future Verb Tenses, Question Forms, Obligation, Ability, Possibility, Commands, Prohibition, Requests, Offers, Suggestions, Warnings, Cause & Effect, Comparison.

Comprehension, oral fluency and interaction:

Coping with noise and unclear messages, L1 Language interference, responding appropriately, Requesting clarification & confirmation, Issuing clearances, Reporting incidents.


Phonemes, Word Stress, Sentence Stress, Intonation, Pace.


Aviation-Specific Vocabulary, Word Formation, Phrasal Verbs.

The course uses a balanced blend of prescribed exercises to build confidence, and authentic material in order to expose students to real-life situations. For example, original RT clips are played where radio reception is poor and/or non-native accents degrade clarity, leading to miscommunication and/or misunderstanding.

Course Length: 60 hours


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