Aerodrome Resource Management – Runway Safety

Aerodrome Resource Management – Runway Safety


Runway incursions occur when communication breaks down, errors are not caught in time and situational awareness is lost. Aerodrome Resource Management – Runway Safety is a safety training course for operational airport staff on how to prevent runway incursions. It will help airports develop a strategy to prevent these occurrences from happening.
The successful introduction of local runway safety teams is fundamental to ensuring the prevention of runway incursions. The goal of such a team is to work together to identify the local causal factors of runway incursions and find local solutions to prevent their recurrence.
Currently all the members of these multi-professional teams work at the forefront of operational safety as individuals, whereas they need to be carrying out their work in the manoeuvring area as a team.
The Aerodrome Resource Management course is designed to train trainers for local runway safety teams and all operational staff working in the manoeuvring area. – Eurocontrol

Course Length: 5 Days

Course Price: £1200

Course Provided by: Delivered under license from Eurocontrol (Training Zone)


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