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We hope you will find some of our products of interest to your organisation and become part of our expanding international customer base.

With ‘BREXIT’ the £ rate is now favourable to importers, extending lower prices for the same high quality goods.

We share the good news with you!

Product Ranges (Airfield & Airports)

Takeoff Aviation Suppliers (TOAS) is a leading sourcing, supplier and vendor company in the following but not limited areas:

  • Airfield lighting solution, spares and systems including runway, approach, taxiway, stop bars, apron etc.
  • Airport Exterior Lighting Solutions and Services: Airport Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Barriers.
  • Passport ID Document Readers, Security x-rays and systems.
  • Airport KVM Swithches, Extenders and IP Solutions.
  • Headset Solutions for Air Traffic Control (ATC/ATM) Centres.
  • Airport Flight Strip Thermal Printers, Video and Digital displays.
  • Baggage Handling Systems.


Takeoff Direct Ltd the owners of Takeoff Aviation Suppliers (TOAS) have been contracted to some of the leading UK and International Organisations in their various areas of expertise as follows:

  • BAE System (Cwmbran College)
  • ASTAC Ltd (Rudloe College)
  • Global ATS Ltd
  • Peregrine Academy
  • Iraqi CAA through a SERCO/Global ATS contract

We have been involved in training ATC students and simulator development work at all levels in UK and abroad with the following customers: Seychelles CAA, Mongolia, Kuwait, UAE, Fujairah, Libya, Cameron, Iraqi, Bermuda, China, Kazakhstan, Albania, Denmark, and Irish Air Corps.

Bids and Visits

If you find this proposal of interest we are willing to meet with you at your earliest possible time and present a comprehensive bid and arrange for a visit by our partners at short notice.

We have our roots firmly on the ground in your region hence we are able to match most of the local aviation organisations budgets.

Technology Centre

Takeoff Aviation Suppliers (TOAS) is an independent consultancy for simulator equipment and are capable of giving the best advice on your choice for such equipment and software from suppliers based in the United Kingdom. Our team members are Microsoft and CISCO Certified engineers with several years of ATC simulator experience inclusive but not limited to 2D and 3D interfaces.

Airspace & Exercises Development

Takeoff Aviation Suppliers (TOAS) will develop and program simulators on site and can input your own airspace or design a generic airspace together with the training exercises and final practical exams to your requirement and satisfaction. Our team uniquely includes former ATC operational and training member who have also studied IT in the United Kingdom and have had product training with simulator manufacturers.

Individual & Personal Services

Takeoff Aviation Suppliers (TOAS) has close contact with aviation and tourism sector employees. We extend our services to you for all your domestic and personal needs for equipment and spares. We will source the best quality products at the lowest possible price and we ship hassle free to your doorstep.

Office & Marketing Supplies

Takeoff Aviation Suppliers (TOAS) can deliver to your doorstep all your stationary, IT equipment and accessories, promotional, marketing and PR material needs at the lowest possible cost.


We have partnered with European, African and Middle Eastern aviation and tourism suppliers and customers to come up with all inclusive package procurement to make Point to Point delivery of equipment, spares and accessories seamless and efficient.


Where we are unable to identify the required products and consultancy from within, our long standing associate companies can invariably provide the necessary support.

Fire Services Equipment & Spares

Takeoff Aviation Suppliers (TOAS) gives prompt attention to requests from customers for Fire Services Equipment and Spare parts. It sources and supplies an extensive range of items for the vehicles and equipment. We can quickly locate and supply components which are not available ex-stock elsewhere.

Worldwide spare parts supply is an important area of activity which extends to vehicles and equipment. The after-sales and Service Department personnel have a wealth of experience identifying and sourcing parts for a wide range of makes of chassis and superstructure, regardless of age. Many customers throughout the world recognise the department’s ability to source old unusual parts, as well as current items which may simply be difficult to obtain on the market.

Our Customers

Takeoff Aviation Suppliers (TOAS) offers business and technical solutions across a wide range of sectors in the aviation industry, typically: Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports, Airlines (passenger and cargo), Air Traffic Control, Manufacturers and Service Vendors and also to Hotels and Tourism sectors.

Our Team

Our experienced and professional team of consultants and sales team bring hands-on experience having served as senior technical and operational managers in the industry, and also have a wealth of experience from their related activities enhanced by the professional training they have undertaken. Our team have worked extensively worldwide and keep abreast with regional developments and needs.

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