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TAKEOFF AVIATION ACADEMY (UK) delivers most of courses under license from Eurocontrol Training Zone. Where we develop ATC rating courses we map the ICAO syllabus to the Eurocontrol Specification for the ATCO Common Core Content Initial Training .

Our growing relationship with Eurocontrol brings European standards and qualifications to your doorstep.

We hope you will find some of our products of interest to your organisation and to the progression of aspiring young men and women who wish to train to the highest world class standards in aviation by a team of patient, professional and multicultural trainers and examiners with several years of operational and training experience world-wide.

Highly qualified & experienced Instructors and presenters

Our instructors are a team of experts who have worked and trained within the ICAO, UK CAA and European environment. They only deliver course in their areas of specialisation Our team of instructors are multi- national, multi-cultural and have served in different capacities internationally and are subject to regular in-house training and competence checks

On-Site Training

We are able can deliver training in – country overseas for CAAs that have suitable training facilities at home. (Simulator equipment, classrooms which must meet local CAA and ICAO requirements).

This option has saved our customers financial resources on airfares ,accommodation and per-diems. Money saved can be been better utilised elsewhere within the organisation. Our clients have also had the enhanced opportunity of auditing the courses for compliance in real-time.


In the UK we negotiate the best affordable packages inclusive of accommodation, transport and meals with a choice of using selected host families or other private facilities. The accommodation is carefully selected to provide students with a homely environment that is suitable and safe for students. This arrangement greatly reduces costs without compromising on quality.


In order to dovetail ATC students’ learning curve, we are also able to arrange for post-training mentoring of students during OJTI and ensure student progression is fairly and seamlessly provided according to the ICAO standards and recommendations. (This facility is optional and subject availability of qualified trainers)

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